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Kender I Sweet Sneak?

Det er en rigtig hyggelig og anderledes pop-up bager her i København. De popper op engang imellem i København med de lækreste kager og så er det bare at slå til. På deres hjemmeside, skriver de hvor og hvornår man kan komme forbi deres pop-up bageri igen.

Jeg har taget en snak med dem om deres nye sjove, skæve og skønne virksomheds ide. Theresa skriver her på engelsk. Hun skulle også hilse mange gange fra de andre “bakerettes”.

Foto af Sweet Sneak

Foto af Sweet Sneak

1. Hvad er Sweet Sneak? 

Sweet Sneak is a true pop-up bakery centered around the thought of hygge and creating a joyful experience for everyone interested. Everything evolves around our mascot, Finley the fox who has a truly sweet tooth and can’t resist cakes and the like…  Contrasting “regular” bakeries, we have no central location but we choose different locations to host our bakery every other month. Not only do we serve cakes and coffee but it’s really about inviting people into an experience of waiting for the event and then the day before the pop-up bakery we release the location to the public. It’s all a lot of fun and helps support our goal to make people happy through sweets.

We’ve had pop-ups in apartments, galleries and cafes all around Copenhagen. We’re also adding the catering aspect to what we do because we’ve started receiving so many invitations to bring the pop-up experience to an event or party.

2. Hvordan fik I ideen til Sweet Sneak?

It’s a bit cheesy, but true: We are five friends who met when we moved to Copenhagen for our Master Studies. We share a passion for baking. As much as the passion for hygge and sharing delightful moments with our friends. That’s pretty much the essence of your pop-up bakery Sweet Sneak which we founded back in February 2013 – simply for the fun of it, with no expectations but for us and our friends to eat lots and lots of cake on a Sunday afternoon just as we did back in the days at your grandmother’s place or birthday parties when we were children. Back to the roots, back to Sunday coziness.
One day we sat together in our favourite café (surprise!) in Copenhagen and decided:

Let’s do this! Let’s make it happen!

It didn’t take us incredibly long to find the name and the logo as we all had the same idea of what Sweet Sneak should become (agreeing on the fox’ name turned out to be the lenghtier process…).

Sweet Sneak is all about Finley the Fox who has a remarkably sweet tooth. Finley can’t resist sweet treats of any kind and loves to discover the world, always on the hunt for new delicacies and, most importantly, sharing them with his friends.

3. Hvad er jeres yndlingscafeer i København, når I ikke selv laver pop-up cafe? 

Oh this is a tough question… there are simply so many! If we were to pick one right now, we would say it’s Bang og Jensen on Vesterbro. It’s a great place to go at any time of the day. You can find a wonderful mixed crowd, can people watch forever, simply do nothing but enjoy your coffee or come up with the best ideas… this is actually the place that was mentioned before: where the idea of Sweet Sneak was born.
When it comes to cafés for testing different cakes and pastries, we simply try them all and keep open 🙂

4. Hvor og hvornår holder i næste gang et Sweet Sneak event?

The next Sweet Sneak is going to happen in November. We are currently finalizing our plans and the location will only be revealed one day before the event (sorry, we won’t break that principle ;)).
But make sure to like us on facebook (and follow us on Instagram under Sweetsneak_cph). That way you will be constantly updated and sure to be invited! …and of course, there will be a Christmas edition in December…

5. Hvor kan man ellers finde jer når I ikke har fingerede nede i kagedej? 

Whenever we don’t have our fingers dugged deep into dough, they are probably wrapped around our bike handles as we love to explore the city. We are always on the go, looking for inspiration, checking out new cafes, fueling our hygge needs, meeting friends. Not to forget: we are all busy besides Sweet Sneak as we are either finishing our master thesis or working fulltime. So it’s quite the challenge to keep our fingerede nede i kagedej 😉

6. Hvad er fremtiden for Sweet Sneak?

We absolutely want to take it further. No matter who we talk to, people always give us such nice feedback and inspiration and we have learned so much from the pop-up events. It’s not just the baking but it’s everything around it – the conceptual thinking, branding and story telling. The cool thing is that we started with the idea and passion for it and everything else came along. Of course, we wanted to do it properly. Now we are even approached by companies because they see us creating an experience; otherwise if they were only looking for cakes, they could also simply go to a professional bakery. But people come for the event and because it’s something unique – and that is exactly what we would like to continue. Create an ever evolving universe that provides a memorable experience. It’s not an option not to do it.


Jeg glæder mig til at nyde deres skønne kager næste gang de popper op i København! 

Foto af Sweet Sneak

Foto af Sweet Sneak


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